Rudy Hoffman

Rudi Hoffman

CEO of Hoffman Planning

Rudi Hoffman, CFP, CLU, ChFC was the author of this article and is CEO of Hoffman Planning and is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional. He specializes in cryonics life insurance/planning and retirement planning without risk. He has more knowledge about cryonics insurance, and has sold more insurance for cryonics purposes than any insurance agent in the world.

Rudy is on the Board of Advisors for Salvation Army and is a Member of the National Financial Planning Association and of the Central Florida Financial Planning Association. He is Senior Associate with the Foresight Institute.

He was previously Regional Vice President of Primerica, Senior Vice President of Amerishare Investors, and Marketing Director for World Marketing Alliance Securities. He has been involved in financial services since 1980.

Rudi graduated Cum Laude from Anderson University, Anderson, Indiana. He is the world’s leading writer of life insurance to fund cryonic suspension. Listen to him on The Future And You.